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I don't know what else to write here!

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why this place?

I wanted a space to share the things I enjoy and maybe ramble a bit about them. A big digital list I like lists. I have too many lists. I tried a blog. It just didn't feel right.
Then I discovered Neocities and the idea of my own website sounded lovely.
Now I want to put all the things here, join all the things, fill this website with junk, and at the same time sit on my chair and stare at the ceiling the pikachu up there isn't just a decotration!
btw this is the blog now, any idea how to use it?
bbtw, there's too many Is above

Who's Giorgio Taccola?

He's a jackdaw (taccola in italian) and the mascot of this website! mascots are fun!
Why a jackdaw with such a weird name? Maybe one day I'll tell you :p

Who are you?

I'm b.lly :)

If you were a bird, which one would you be?

a magpie

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last updated:23/05/2022
Webmaster's log
  • 19/05/2022: UGH I HAD TO START FROM SCRATCH UGHHHH. I'll slowly, veeery slowly, add things to the homepage. and to the other pages too of course, it's not like I have forgotten everything else 👀
  • 10/05/2022: I'm planning a restyle of the homepage and I'm going crazy. It's too complicated!! The idea is that it should be a lot of squares and rectangles all next to each other, kinda like a Mondrian painting, all linking to a page or to an external something. But again, it's too difficult (for me)!! I don't know how to plan it, I don't know how to make it look nice, and if I want to add something else I'd have to dismantle everything. UGH. I have to start from scratchhhhhhh ughhhhhhhhh
  • ??/03/2022: I haven't forgotten this site! I just don't have permanent access to unlimited wi-fi anymore. The fear of sucking all my gigas makes me procrastinate even more! (sometimes I make some minor tweaks, they aren't worthy of a post)
  • 02/10/2021: I hate the passage of time. What do you mean it's already October 2021?? :(
    You know when you want to do something but can't bring yourself to do it? Yeah. It takes me so long to add things here, or to do anything really
  • 20/08/2021: hey there! I don't really know what to write but it's been two months so... wow do I suck at website layouts. I'm aware that this looks like dogshit, but it's MY dogshit! (except the homepage tank, the Neocities Stuff, the digital stamp album, and the Random Thoughts if it had a decent font. I'm kinda proud of these). As you can probably tell, I can't stop thinking about Franz Kafka. *showing a pic of him* I just think he's neat! I don't know what's wrong with me
    anyways my parents keep listening to Biglino's videos (a guy who claims that if you translate the Hebrew Bible correctly it's about aliens) and it's driving me crazy
    anyway anyway it's 2:28. why is it always so late when I write these
  • 21/06/2021: Oh no it's already June. wait... June is almost over O_O .
    Long time no log! Guess who has 31 teeth now :/ posted a pic of my wisdom tooth on my Tumblr if you're curious. What else... uuhh... my theatre course finally restarted, the play was supposed to happen eons ago but covid happened, now we'we only got a week and most actors can't partecipate anymore, new people had to be called. Decided to read Franz Kafka's diaries because I like happy things. Hey did you know that kavka (pronounced and colloquially written as kafka) is jackdaw in Czech? Just sayin 👀
    It's literally 02:48 bye
  • 19/05/2021: Yet more junk lol. No #Contenttm(C)(R) here, only junk. I'll add some writing I'll swearI have a help page that I use for myself, if anyone's intrested here
  • 08/05/2021: I am so tired of Covid plz let it end. Finally made the b.lly page. I want to link to it on my other accounts, but idk if I should, some people know my Instagram now :/ . I wanted b.lly to be an anonymous alias but I didn't follow my own rules, I couldn't make another account it was already the second one. But it's trusted people for now, so maybe it's not a problem
    Also why the hell the border in the 2 read pages doesn't work anymore?!
  • 04/04/2021: Happy Easter!! Holy shit the "stuff to watch" page(s) were a struggle!! Since I know jack shit about html, I used this gatosalchicha's page as a reference because the layout was similar to what I wanted to do. I hope it's ok. I did not copy it, just used Firefox's "analize elemet" to see how it worked.
    see you whenever I can use my laptop again.
  • 05/03/2021: I did not forget this site! I wish I could work on it every day :( . Anyways, I finally put something in the Miscellaneous page, wohoo. And I realized that from mobile it's all a bit of a mess. Also I should finally decide what colours to use because that gray looks bad.
  • 07/02/2021: I can't figure out how to make more than one draggable divider. With draggable I mean "something you can move around the page" :(
  • 24/01/2021: wowie I made a to do list
  • 20/01/2021: I did it :D !! Made "Stuff to watch", I'll add the content later, I have to wash the dishes, clean the bathtub, and go to driving school @_@.
    I want to add a tv for my youtube playlists, kinda like My 80s TV (but much simpler cuz I'm a noob). One day, one day...
    Does my website break on other screen sizes?? Also, I have no idea how to make the footer stick to the botton but not go over everything else when the page's too short, so I just removed the stickiness :/
  • 15/01/2021: hey quick question how the FUCK do you put two dividers next to each other in the centre of the page??? also I added some links in "cool websites"
  • 08/01/2021: added some descriptions. They took all damn day to write :(
  • 07/01/2021: it's 01:20. Why do I hate sleeping so much. The index is now divided into more sections. I have no idea why the left one touches the border of the page and the right one doesn't. The button "web design is my passion" is very appropriate. I also tried to clean the code a bit in "stuff to read" but it will still make bleed a professional's eyes.
    should I move the upd8s in the index?
  • 06/01/2021: Ok now the "Stuff to Read" is functional, I will add things another day since it's fucking 02:07 0_0 . I also added those "ad banners" cuz they're fun and colorful and make you discover more websites. I want to add many buttons on the homepage on the right, make it look cluttered! And on the left a picture of Giorgio in a stupid frame. And also another "ad banner". And a web ring thing, maybe.
    But first, I wanna make the website functional. Then I'll add the content (or I'll add it as I finish that page), and only after I'll try to make it pretty. The background and the divider are placeholders. It's 02:15 now byyyye
    (In the morning)Happy Epiphany! If you're Italian, I hope the Befana brought you (or children you know) good candies. God do I suck at writing descriptions! Why did I decide to add them to the books, comics, etc! I'm gonna put a disclaimer...
    (later) Holy shit I can put a Neko on my homepage!!!
  • 30/12/2020: I didn't think about adding updates before. The link page looks decent now, I think I did it yesterday or the day before. Started the about page. Trying to figure out the "Stuff to read" page
stuff to watchstuff to readstuff to playstuff to listen to

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