What is this site?

I wanted a place to put all the stuff I like and maybe ramble a bit about it, a big digital list (I like lists. I have too many lists), and I wanted it to be public, someone might discover something new to like thanks to me! So I tried a blog but... it just felt wrong. This is the blog if you're curious I don't know what to do with it now :/ anyone got any ideas?. Now I'm addicted to putting junk all over my website.
I'm trying to make it feel more like a personal site rather than just a list

Who's Giorgio Taccola?

He's a jackdaw (taccola in italian, hence the name la taccola) and the mascot of this website mascots are fun!
Why a jackdaw with such a weird name? Maybe one day I'll tell you :p
One day I'll make a button and he'll be on it, and I'll put a picture of him somewhere else too.
Here it is! not the best tho

Who are you?

I'm b.lly :)

If you were a bird, which one would you be?

A magpie

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