Useful websites huge archive of many many things, including old websites with the Wayback Machine. It also has the Geocities Gif Search Engine, and Open Library
Have I Been Pwned? "Check if your email address is in a data breach"
SASRip "SASRip is a 100% Free, no ads, no bullsh*t media downloading public service."
Read papers for free!
Terms of Service; Didn't Read See what you've agreed to when you clicked “I have read and agree to the Terms”
TinEye "Find where images appear online"
Z-Library Yarrrr!
Cool Websites :)
Cameron's World Beautiful collection of images taken from archived GeoCities pages
Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division Learn about this very bad chemical
FogCam The world's oldest webcam still in use
FishCam The world's second oldest webcam still in use
Ghost Singles Dating site for ghosts
guimp Very small website (the smallest?) (is it down forever :( ? )
Hampster Dance A mirror of the original one
How many people are in space right now? An easy way to find out!
If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel... far would the planets be? Prepare to scoll a lot...
Itty bitty Sites Make a websites completely contained in its link
Library of Babel Library of everything that can ever be written with the 26 english letters, space, comma, and period; An online version of Jorge Luis Borges' one
Music form Saharan Cellphones In the Sahara cellphones are used for lots of things, including swapping music via Bluetooth. "The songs chosen for the compilation were some of the highlights -- music that is immensely popular on the unofficial mp3/cellphone network from Abidjan to Bamako to Algiers, but have limited or no commercial release."
Radio Actuality Recordings "A unique collection of original BBC and other radio actuality recordings brings to life the London of the 1920s to the 1950s. These sounds were captured at street markets, fairgrounds, skittle alleys, auction houses, hopfields and elsewhere."
Petit Tube A Youtube video with the fewest views every time you refresh
Pricasso's website (NSFW) This guy paints with his dick. Yup.
Project Vulva (NSFW) Photos of vulvas (the outside of the vagina). Shows how different they can be!
RRRRThat' The creators of Don't Shoot the Puppy. Frustrating satirical Flash games. Unfortunately, since Flash died, It's just a museum
Shady URL "Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening."
S.w.a.t. Seflies with a twist
Web Design Museum Old webpages designs! Very well organized imho. Also has links to the archived version
WINDOWS93 A popular Web OS with many apps and a cool look
Windows Wallpaper Wiki They try to include as much info on the photos as they can
Windows 98 Icons All the Windows 98 icons You can do anything at ZomboCom. Anything at all. The only limit is yourself.
Walls of Pixels
Million Dollar Webpage 1,000,000 pixels, 1$ for each one. Sold out! But still cool to view
The /r/place Atlas Map of /r/place with explanations of every artwork. Btw, if you miss it there's pxls to fill the void :)
The 88x31 GIF Collection "A collection of 3182 classic 88x31 buttons from the 1990’s, 2000’s, and today in GIF format."
Web Badges World A collection of many 80x15 buttons
Coin Insert coin, please. Thank you.
Drive Me Insane! This guy has a webcam in his office that's always online. You can send text messages that will be displayed on a sign in his house and read aloud, and also turn on/off some lights. And yes, it's all real
Echo Flowers page Whisper something in an Echoflower, or read other peopele's messages
Isocity An isometric city where every house is submitted by a different person
Letters Add one single letter to the text
This Site Will Self Destruct If the site doesn't recieve a message in 24h it will disappear forever. The messages are anonymous and can be read by everyone
Postbox Garden Imageboard where every post is submitted via snail mail
Cool junk for your website
Boodle Box Some fake awards, fake ads, fake buttons...
Censorship Pandas Adoptables with a job: displaying your Web-rating (PG rating, MA rating, that kind of stuff)
Internet Bumper Stickers® Internet Bumper Stickers®
Jellyworld Bond with... a jelly?
tamaNOTchis The more clicks they get, the more they grow, and you also unlock accessories (mines are on the right)
The Fanlistings Network Fanlistings are just lists of fans from around the world. You can join as many as you want and then put their buttons in your website
Neolink, BannerLink Navlink and NeoAds Free ads that promote other websites. Neolink shows only Neocities sites
WebNeko A JavaScript port of an old desktop application. It's a cat that follows your mouse :)
Web eSheep That sheep that walks around your desktop, but for websites
Some adoptables
click to expand Appledust's pixel art
Dokodemo's monsters
Dragons and Unicorns
Pet Rocks
Plant an E-Tree
Sea Monkey
Useless websites
Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? (this is the thing)
Endless Horse Horse with very long legs
Idiotproof Website Idiotproof Website
Is my computer on? How else could you tell?
Is my computer on fire? The best way to tell
Some other link directories and such
404 Page Found
The Cyber Vanguard's Hot Links
Pointless Sites
Weird Wide Webring


Useful websites

Cool Websites :)

Walls of Pixels


Cool junk for your website

Useless websites

Some other link directories

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