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That photo of Hisasci Ouchi

If you're intrested in morbid stuff you've probably heard of the story of Hisashi Ouchi, the man who was exposed to a very high dose of radiation and was kept alive for way too long. (to learn more search 1999 Tokaimura nuclear accident) And if you've heard of him, you've certianly seen this gory photo of a man with no skin laying on an hospital bed with suspended limbs.

my recreation because the original is very nsfl
Well, IT'S NOT HIM!!! IT'S NOT HIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMM. And yet, every damn website uses that photo!! This pisses me off so much. You can tell because the man has an amputated foot, which Mr Ouchi-san coudn't have because the wound would have never closed, all of his chromosones were in pieces! Also, the room and the medical equipment don't match.
The person in the photo is probably a burn victim. Spread the word I guess?

Guardia di Finanza there's no need to look here :)))

Homebrew for the 3DS

Homebrewing 3DSs was a pain in the ass in the past, but now it's so easy that I managed to make it!
All you need is: a 3DS, a computer with Internet connection, an SD card, and a way to move files into it. Then you can follow the to install LUMA3Ds, and/or follow a tutorial on Youtube (I think this channel is very n00b friendly, I followed one of his tutorials)

With a homebrewed consoles you can play 3Ds games from cia-3ds and DS ones from Emuparadise (Emuparadise script workaround ;) ), backup and edit save files (looking @ u ACNL,here's a cool town editor), install custom themes, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff

Mother 1+2+3 for the Wii!

It's a game made by Marcel Oliveira, or marcelso, that allows you to play all the Mother games on your Wii! Here's a video that shows what it looks like.

Tutorial (I wish I knew how to turn it into a channel :/):

You need the Homebrew Channel already installed (don't worry it's not difficoult. I like these tutorials ), an SD card and a way to put files into it (it must be in the Wii to play), and the game ROMs (I got them from here The pre-patched ones, don't make my mistake :p)

  • download the Mother 1+2+3 zip file from here ;
  • extract the folder "[v1.1]Mother123" in your SD card;
  • open "[v1.1]Mother123" folder. Go to app-> mother123-> roms. Put the roms in here;
  • Rename Mother 1 "HVCMX.nes", Mother 2 "SHVCMB.smc" and Mother 3 "A3UJ.gba";
  • put the SD in the Wii and load the Homebrew Channel!
  • I hope it works because if it doesn't I have no idea what went wrong :/

How I find new channels on Youtube

  1. pick a channel you like
  2. go to the comment section of on of their videos
  3. pick a random user and go to their channel
  4. go to the "channels" page
  5. BAM a list of channels! Check out the interesting ones
  6. Repeat ad nauseam

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