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The Neocities Blog Neocities' official blog

Neo Neighboroods is a recreation of the old Geocities homepagepage and neighborhoods, I think? Was this made by Bill's World??

Districts Districts is "a site directory created on Neocities for Neocities, aiming to make finding sites relevant to your interests easier."

Neocities Discord Servers is Bytemoth's list of known Discords servers about Neocities

Penny's Pages is a wiki about Neocities.

NeoMail was(?) "an unofficial mailing list for neocities users, its here so you can get news about all your webwizardly pals." OwlMan's archive of it.

r/neocities is a subreddit about Neocities (not very active).

neoforum was an attempt at making a Neocities forum. Putting this here because I love their version of Penny (the cat on the side of this page).

Site to User-Profile Tool "this Bookmarklet is a simple little tool which creates a dynamic link directly to any person's NeoCities "User Profile" page -- essentially giving you a "magic button" to quickly navigate there, on-the-fly."

null webring is just another webring, only for Neocities sites.

NeoLink is "a completely FREE advertising service designed specifically for Neocities sites."

Neocities Tribune "we will cover things like Neocities news [...], some cool sites, and maybe even a few website-making tips." It's dead isn't it :/

Some cool Websites :)


Neocities Buttons if you have a link for the source, please tell me!

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