Sometimes I read a nice or interesting comment online on Reddit, Youtube, or elsewhere, and I want to save it. I'm gonna put them here :P

Richard Lawson:
The best band! And I'm 71!

Freddie Smith-Wright:
Yeah well im 80

TruthSurge: [11 years ago]
no idea what this was supposed to mean.

lettuce: [1 year ago]
Dudeee I was three when you wrote this.

TruthSurge: [1 year ago]
@lettuce now, you're 13. The world is your oyster!

[I dindn't write it down :/]: [on a poll about the best corn flalkes]
#im voting for my cat who i found #presumably dead #face first in my bowl of frosted flakes #who then proceeded #to grab onto the bowl with her little claws #as i dragged her away #little shit #my frosted flakes were everywhere. #but she has an opinion #and it must be heard

Oh, yeah, my friend Sigmund, what a funky guy
#dracula #freud #psychoanalysis #my literature teacher said we can call him our friend Sigmund and now I only call him my friend Sigmund

I've met three girls named Sounique, pronounced So Unique.

le Hedgehoùgh

So my dad was once a commercial fisherman out of New Bedford, MA
One day, killing time, he wrote a letter and sealed it in a glass bottle. Mostly just writing a little about himself and just his recent days as a fisherman. Not really expecting much. His crew mates were giving him shit saying it would never work.
But eventually he got a letter back from a lady living in Spain!!!!! I was young at the time so I don’t really remember the timeline, like how long the return letter took and all that. But yeah my family and everyone at the docks were shocked it actually worked.
Our family and their family legit became pen pals. They continued to write back and fourth for years. Her notes were written in Spanish so we had to get it translated, or tried to. But we sent back pictures of all of us (my mom dad brother sister). And she would send pictures of her and her family. It was incredible. It’s been a long time since we l last exchanged letters. But it was very cool
I know if I talk to my mom she still has the notes and everything.

Edit-I’m traveling back home today I will definitely stop at the house and find the letters and will take some pics!!

This reminded me something from years ago when I was a teenager. I surf a ton on the west coast. I had a lady hand me a little bundle of flowers and asked if I could paddle them out and place them in the ocean for her. Apparently her husband passed and loved to surf. Stuck the stems of the flowers into the back of the neck of my wetsuit and paddled out right to the little reef point where the waves are perfect on the best days. Swam down like 10ft and tucked the flower bunch right under this little reef chunk. I like to think they are still there when I paddle out at that spot lol

Oat Wizard: [lofi hip hop radio - beats to sleep/chill to livechat]
It's like shouting something into the crowd, somebody can answer, but everyone seems to not care so much

You really CAN exist in a contented state without needing some shit to compare it to.
You can indeed live your whole life without major suffering. The brain is more than capable of knowing it is happy without contrast. Have you guys never seen a young child smile? Does it look more, or less, genuine than a jaded old man smirking?

In first grade (I think it was first grade?) I remember I was gifted a DVD of Monsters Inc. (it came with a specialty toothbrush as well). I remember it very clearly because it was the first time I felt like a mature person who owned a thing. Like seeing it in among my parent's movie collection I always would know that that was "mine" and that that meant something about me.

Kind of silly looking back on it, but I just remember that feeling being very visceral. I was like an adult because I owned a movie.

My daughter LOVES my flabby belly. She plays with it like she's making focaccia but she's always saying like "mommy's beautiful tummy". Then she found out she grew in there and she will be like "I love you belly. It was my home". So cute. Don't even care that I'm fat when she does that.

My hungry ass couldn't be a brain surgeon 💀💀

What do you mean? What do you mean by that?

Alright. I have a story to tell called “The Wonderful Door Knob”. Alright, so I get some energy pills. They made me shaky and shitty feeling, yada yada. Fast forward all the way to like midnight. I am laying in bed and my heart is going turbo speed. I can count my pulse simply by laying there. My neck was moving just by the pounding of arteries. I wake up my mom and tell her what’s up and that I need to go to the hospital. She apparently was still half asleep and so she says “ok go ahead”. I’m driving down the highway freaking out, surging with energy, and slowly realizing something is “off” with the world. It was like if you are editing a photo, and you crank the Clarity setting all the way up. Things look kind of gritty and not right. Colors started shifting, as in they would be slightly to the side of where they should be. I have a gap in my memory at this point. Next thing I know, I’m at the er waiting room and am losing my shit. They check my bp and it is over 200. She tells me to sit and they will call me back. For the next hour and a half I am alternating between sitting there shaking, and flipping out at the window lady that I really need to see a doctor. I go back and am sitting there apparently acting super sus when I hear a guy laughing. I look up and there was this hood rat looking dude snickering at me. I think he thought I was a methhead.Not cool. I get up and go to the bathroom. As I reach for the door, I suddenly stop and am completely blown away by the beauty of the door knob. This thing was amazing. Polished, shiny. I had never in my life seen something so wonderful. I guess I had been entranced by it for a while, because people are walking by giving me weird looks. I wanted to say to them “look at it! Are you blind? The most perfect object ever to exist!”. I didn’t go in the bathroom. I couldn’t. I wasn’t worthy. Who am I to be touching the door knob? I went and sat back down. After like another hour they finally call me back, but by this point I was calming down. They gave me a benzo and said to get some sleep . This was years ago, and I have never again encountered anything on par with that door knob.

You're arguing about punk on Youtube you fucking cretins.

Giacomo Boscolo: