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I love weeds and spontaneous flowers, they're so pretty, plus they help wild bees :)!

I wish they weren't removed on sidewalks and such

nobody should be shamed or ashamed because of their accent. accents are a piece of where you're from! accents can show you know more than one language! accents are cool okay

I love all animals except mosquitoes. May them rot in hell
they also have the right to live, but 3km away from me thanks

I hate when hoodies/shirts/... have a cool pattern on the frond but are blank on the back.
Why can't I be fancy there too?

I have an irrational hatered for Gabriele D'Annunzio. Idk my guts tell me he was bad.

D'Annunzio is ugly in a rat kind of way

Has anyone ever made a poem with emojis in it?

would it still be a poem?

sometimes I want to hire a private detective or something to see how much they can find out about me online and delete almost everything

I think the +18/NSFW label isn't enough, it should be the norm to divide violence/gore from porn, I wanna know what awaits me!
Looking at you Reddit, implement the nsfl tag already!

just tried one of those rainbow pop it fidget toys
these fucking suck it's not satisfying at all, the pop is too weak

Rome is a lasagna of history
but her streets are more like swiss cheese...

the thing that stuck with me about fahrenheit 451 is the toaster with arms that catches the toast and butters it for you. it's so unnecessary

A boring life in interesting times
(2020-???? covid-19 pandemic specifically)

I feel like I'll forever be an outsider in any situation, and not in a cool way

stop going on vacation in North Korea to make a Youtube video about it. enough people have done so


I have days, sometimes weeks, that are completely empty but the two (TWO) things I wanna do are on the same day at the same hours

I want to live in a liminal space