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I love Rome, I live in it!

I'll put in this page all my favourite things from here

Uhh, that's it. yeah

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Neat Places

Lake Ex SNIA/Bullicante, the lake who defeated concrete

The story in short: a company wants to build a mall. They have the authorization, but later a process finds out that they falsified the documents and couldn't build there.
Shortly after starting the construction site, they dig a hole and water comes out nonstop. They pour the water in the sewers to hide the mistake but it fucking breaks the tubatures, and gives birth to the lake.
The site is closed. People fight to keep the lake, there are other attempts to build something else (even if it's not really allowed, it's supposed to be public green land) and they barely make it in 2014!
Ex Snia is a Natural Monument since june 2020, it's an oasis for many species of birds, and you can pic-nic near it :)

The website has the complete story, in italian.

I'm surprised I found out about it so late!

Assalti frontali & Il Muro del Canto dedicated a song to it called "IL LAGO CHE COMBATTE" (the lake who fights) youtube link

Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome

It's a pretty nice cemetery. It's a quiet place in the middle of the city with lots of trees, and a cat colony is free to roam everywhere :3
The oldest part is like a tiny park, the newest looks a bit crowded but it's still nice.
It’s often called “protestant” or “English” cemetery but it’s full of many other religions and nationalities (I’ve seen many Russian graves especially. Maybe they’re just easy to spot?).
Some famous people are buried here (Antonio Gramsci!), but the coolest grave is William Wetmore Story and Emelyn Story's, the OG Angel of Grief. William Wetmore sculpted it to commemorate his wife, and then it was copied all around the world lol

The cemetery's website and the cat colony's one for more info

On the Web


This guy makes cool dioramas of Rome's streets with a particular attention to stickers, throw-ups, tags, posters...
Only on Instagram :/


Movies and Series


Random Stuff

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     \|__|_____| | |____|_____| | || |
      |-ATAC---| | |----------| | ||/| 
      |        | | |          | | ||/ 

burning ATAC busses are a meme. It doesn't happen that often, but it happens...

photo of a nasone
image from wikimedia

Yes I'm dedicating an entire section to Zerocalcare

Zerocalcare is an Italian cartoonist and "the last intellectual" [L'Espresso, lmao] His pen name means "zero limescale", one time he had to quickly join a discussion on an old forum and took the name from a jingle playing on TV
He's proudly from Rebibbia (an urban zone of Rome) and can't imagine to live anywhere else. He often mentions Rebibbia's Mammuth,"the other thing in Rebibbia besides the prison", and even painted it in a mural in Rebibbia's Metro station

I don't think he's ever esplicitally said his political alignment, but if you know him a little bit (never hid his opinions and sympathies), and know that Gaetano Bresci is his hero... :)

He's famous for (or at least I know him for):

  • His comic books, duh (see below). Sometimes he also publishes stuff on magazines like L'Espresso, L'Internazionale or Wired
  • His blog where he tells his daily misadventures and thoughts using a shitton of pop-culture references and hyperboles first entry
  • long ass meetings where he'll draw something for every. single. person. The queue lasts hours
  • His animated shorts, especially Rebibbia Quarantine, a serie he made during the italian lockdown of 2020 youtube link to my playlist
  • Will be for his cartoon on Netflix (hopefully! No idea when it'll come out!)
  • His posters/stickers/banners/... for 1293283 causes because he can't say no, especially the kurdish one in Syria, and the Genoa G8 massacre (but not only drawings! For example he went to Syria in 2014 and right now is in Iraq)
  • I know he made a lot of stuff like covers for self-published punk albums or art for photocopied magazines, I don't think I'll ever see one with my own eyes
  • loving plumcakes

My useless ramlings on his comic books:

  • La Profezia dell'armadillo


  • Un Polpo alla gola


  • Dodici


  • Dimenticati il mio nome


  • Kobane Calling (also in english!)


  • Macerie Prime e Macerie Prime, sei mesi dopo


  • Scheletri


  • A babbo morto.Una storia di Natale


all the online places where I found him:

Bonuses! His friend Secco's facebook page called "Ti piacciono davvero le bombe carta se" (You really like paper bombs if), his other friends' craft screenprint store that also sells Zerocalcare ones