Random thoughts


To Do:

-find a decent font for this page;
- add timestamps;
- add colors;
-make notes draggable
-add different shapes?.


you want to read more of my nonsense?



the cool thing about birds is that you can enjoy them even if you can't see them


thank you Japan for joining the War on Christmas on the "let's remove Christ from Christmas" side


neither meat nor fish but a secret third thing


famous flash game duck life is older than me?!?


top 5 fruits:

🍊 (mandarin, easy to eat)
🍎 (lasts so long ily)


Garibaldi bath water jar


do you ever feel like everything is too much


fuck all ads except the Buondì Motta ones who keep making people angry for the dumbest reasons


birds are so beautiful their shape their movements so light and elegant even in the humble pigeon
(wrote at 3am)


seeing a monk around is so weird like aren't you supposed to be planting peas in a monastery up the moon's ass?


I love weeds and spontaneous flowers they're so pretty, plus they help wild bees :)!

I wish they weren't removed from streets


nobody should be ashamed of their accent. accents are a piece of where you're from! accents can show you know more than one language!
accents are cool okay


I love all animals except mosquitoes. may them rot in hell they also have the right to live

far, far away from my ears thanks


I have an irrational hatered for Gabriele D'Annunzio. Idk my guts tell me he was an asshole

D'Annunzio is ugly in a rat kind of way


I <3 World Wide Web


Has anyone ever made a poem with emojis in it?

would it still be a poem?


do you ever think about pets having no idea that everything around them has been built by humans?

my cats have no idea that our apartment isn't just a weird cave we found


sometimes I want to hire a private detective to see how much they can find out about me online and delete everything


I hate when clothes have a cool pattern on the frond but are blank on the back. Why can't I be fancy there too?


I feel like I'll forever be an outsider in any situation, not in a cool way


Rome is a lasagna of history but her streets are more like swiss cheese...


A boring life in interesting times

(2020-???? covid-19 pandemic specifically)


heard a recording of my voice, contemplating a vow of silence


I want to live in a minimal space


they need to hire more dubbers I'm tired of hearing Light Yagami's voice in everything


but I'm a creep... I'm a weirdo... what the hell am I doin' here? I don't fit in. and I don't wanna fit in. have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? that's weird


knowledge is a burden, ignorance is bliss
(I have eaten a good tomato and now agree that most of them taste like water)


big leafy trees lit up by a streetlight at night are mesmerizing @_@


forever afraid of thinking inside a box or bubble I'm not aware of